Protest Wishes, 2015-2019

The first version of this sculpture started as a public site specific project on the UCSD campus as an inspiration from the Middle Eastern culture of making a wish and tying it to a tree in nature. The sculpture was a gesture to the school administration’s sudden closing announcement of the University Art Gallery in 2015 to turn it into a classroom.

The second version of the sculpture was created for the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego where they were displaying a large collection of UC Berkeley student protest posters reacting against the Vietnam War. Visitors to the Museum could participate by writing their wish as a protest for change on the ribbons and tying them to the sculpture as part of public arts engagement programs orgnized by MCASD Education Director Cris Scorza and educator Michael Ano. The base of the sculpture was cast from my head and was meant to represent the work as a self portrait.

Plaster, tree branch, ribbons.